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Can I just mention how I love how tall Asami is?

I’ve seen a lot of fanart with Korra and Asami where Asami is usually depicted as the shorter of the two and more petite probably because of her being so girly and dainty, but nope. 

This girl is TALL and she is no delicate flower either.

And I really love that about her and her design. She doesn’t have to be some tiny girl to be seen as cute or adorable, and I love the contrast in heights between her and Korra. It speaks of an interesting dynamic that I’m looking forward to seeing more of. These two having their girl bonding time in this episode was something I really adored and look forward to seeing more of. <33

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    I feel like Asami is going to be a mix between Zuko and Sokka. Sokka in being smart and inventive and showing that...
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