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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.

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Just finished inking Smellerbee 😭

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i lied

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Q: i mean princess yue #16


yue in the swamp

i keep cheating and adding new colors to the mix oop

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This is partially an excuse to draw Opal’s Amelie hair ♬

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JAAGO- Free-of-cost School for Underprivileged Children


Guys this is a cause dear to my heart. In my country of origin, children languish in poverty and high rates of illiteracy,  and are exploited by a cruel world in terrible, unspeakable ways. JAAGO (which means awaken- a sort of call to arms to the well off/financially able people of the world, to take action and take financial responsibility) is doing what it can to sponsor poor children to enable them to get proper food, nutrition, hygiene and have opened schools which allow these children to get an education, to fulfill their dreams, free of cost to them. This is a 100% legit cause, and you can check out more about them on their website and FB pages

I mean even the US Ambassador to Bangladesh, Dan Mozena, is aware of them and is active with the organization.

If you can donate any amount of money, it would mean the world to these children. I’ve lived in that country for 16 years of my life, and I’ve seen that poverty and desolation up close and it’s heart wrenching. PLEASE any amount will help. If you can forgo your Starbucks for one day, or even a Big Mac meal or something, you don’t know how much that $5-6 dollars will benefit a child there. $1 = 78 taka

I mean for example for $25 you’re providing a child with nutritional and hygiene products for a year. So you forgo Starbucks for 3-4 days and you hit that amount. I’m just saying, any little amount goes a LONG way for these children and it would mean the absolute world to them.

If you honestly can’t donate money and are in terrible dire straits financially, please do your best to share this, signal boost this, on twitter, FB, anywhere. If not this very post, just the link to donate even.

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Rough paint, to test out new brushes and to have more fun with colours. I want to do one for Korra and Yangchen eventually!

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Late Upload- DAY 03 Korra <3 30min in Bamboo Paper

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Book 3 premiere livestream issues summary


During their livestream of Korra's Book 3 premiere, the streaming site played explicit, violent, sociopathically misogynistic content during commercial breaks. This website was listed on our livestream masterpost and as such many people were viewing the stream (including minors) and with no warning forced to see the disturbing content.

Brettygood has never done such a thing before, with no issues during their streams of Book 2. For this reason we thought it was safe to list it on our site, but it appears it wasn’t. Several other sites made it seem as if they had their own streams, but were actually just embedding brettygood and for this reason were affected by the same issues.

The owner of brettygood is being contacted, but the actions of the streamer were malicious and inexcusable. For this reason, we’ve removed them from our list and are officially warning you not to use their streaming site (, as well as any embedded stream you see that has a brettygood watermark.

Our livestreams masterpost is now completely safe to the best of our knowledge, but again, be aware that should you find any stream that seems to be associated with brettygood, exit it immediately.

We apologize that anyone had to see such disgusting content because the stream was listed on our site. If you feel strongly against such people going unpunished, you can contact Viacom here or at the email address and tell them is infringing their copyright by illegally streaming Nickelodeon.

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