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Everyone calls Zuko and Mai’s daughter Honora, but really she was named June Pippinpaddleopsicopolis the Third after losing a bet with Aang.

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Holy crap less than 15,000 signatures to go before the White House have to discuss nonbinary genders!



That’s amazing! There’s less than two weeks left; Tumblr, spread it like some kind of delicious sandwich filling! And for glob’s sake, SIGN IT!

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SDCC Exclusive Nickelodeon Legend of Korra Naga Plush



Put up my Naga plush from SDCC for sale. 

(Currently not being sold anywhere, out of stock on Nick’s website)

People have started bidding!!! don’t miss your chance!!!

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I need to get teeth pulled before the infection causes blood poisoning




Yes, that’s exactly how serious it is. The infection I had before is back and it’s worse. What was affecting one tooth is now affecting five and the bill has gone from uncomfortable to impossible. I have to get this done and I have no other way to pay for it. I’ve already had to change antibiotics because the infection became resistant to the last one. If I don’t get these teeth pulled the infection will never go away, it will just keep getting worse and if it does, it will likely kill me.

I am literally begging for my life right now.

Please help me.

This is a post from my main blog. It’s not in any way related to world building but it is related to me staying alive. If you could signal boost as much as possible and/or pitch in, I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you.

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because this is what’s wrong with this country’s health care. obamacare’s done good things in getting health insurance to more people but dental insurance still isn’t part of most health insurance packs and your teeth can kill you as well as anything else and dentists won’t treat you without money and it’s awful and please help this person.

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….did somebody tag me in a post? everything okay?;;

edit: nvm I think I found out who

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The Gemsona Week blog IS UP!! and ready for gemsona submissions! PLEASE BOOST THIS POST & GET INVOLVED! This is going to be a lot of fun.

Gemsona Week is April 11th-18th, a whole week of celebrating the amazing animated television series Steven Universe!

There will be prompt challenges for writers and artists, as well as the Gemsona Fusion Project- artists submit their gemsona to the blog and are randomly paired together to create a totally new fusion character with their partner’s character! Please read the project overview and guidelines before submitting.

Gemsona submissions for the project are due April 4th!

I’ll be posting more information and updates in the #gemsona week and #gemfusion project tags, so track those if you like! And of course when April 11th rolls around, please use the #gemsona week tag in your posts, challenges or not, so I can reblog them & share.

Artwork of our gemsonas Dorey & Peri and their fusion Agate was lined by me and colored by Madi.

HEY GUYS IT’S UP!!! and ready to go!! PLEASE BOOST!!

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characters that go from villain to awkward friend are so important


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"lin and I had been growing apart for some time. we both had different goals in life". like one of lin’s goal was to get gay with kya 

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An ancient band of Desi Airbenders. For irresistible-revolution.

I think over time, the Raava/Vaatu tattoos fazed out as the spirits became less and less of a presence in the material world.

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